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Why Student Should Pursue Master of Computer Application to Speed Up Their Career?

13 February 2023

Master of Computer Applications or MCA is a post-graduate degree programme offering knowledge in the field of computer application development with the help of modern programming languages. MCA is for those individuals who want to strengthen their technical base and work with the latest technology advancements to achieve their professional goals.

During this programme, the candidates will develop a better and deeper understanding of web designing, software development, cyber security, data mining, systems designing, etc. A Master of Computer Applications will also provide you with technical knowledge and help you develop solid analytical and reasoning skills. Aside from these benefits, what else can MCA offer? Let's explore.

Learn the Required Skills and Become an IT expert:

Considering the competition, having a bachelor's degree is not enough to land lucrative job offers in big companies. The corporate world seeks trained professionals who can think out of the box, solve critical problems and provide advanced IT solutions. This is where a master's degree, like an MCA program from the Jain (Deemed-to-be University), comes into play.

During your master's programme in computer applications, you will not only learn technical know-how. Still, you will also be exposed to industry experts and experienced academicians who will train and guide you to reach your destination. The program's curriculum is designed to ensure that one develops the soft and hard skills that are needed to become an expert.

Varied job opportunities:

After completing the MCA programme, you will be greeted by many job opportunities across the country. Some include data scientists, software developers, project managers, cloud architects, computer system specialists, troubleshooters, hardware engineers, and cyber security experts, among many more.

Depending on the area of specialisation and scope of interest, one can choose to explore any of the jobs mentioned above roles. Therefore, one can explore job opportunities in specialisations such as cyber security, software development, artificial intelligence, software and hardware systems, data science, etc.

Lucrative pay package:

When you pursue your masters in computer applications from a reputed college, you will sit for placements wherein you can secure great annual packages to kick-start your career. A master's in computer applications from the Jain (Deemed-to-be University) is one such program where one will not be disappointed with the pay scale provided by the companies that come for placement drives. Over time, as one gain more experience in this field, the desired income will also increase.

Always in demand:

As the need for technology is increasing daily, it is of surprise that degrees in computer science and associated domains will also become high in demand in the market. A degree in computer applications will help a candidate further in his career. A master's in Computer Applications will also open doors for international job opportunities if one possesses the right set of skills.

Gain Knowledge:

The human race is advancing in every sphere of life, and in the coming days, computing knowledge will completely take over the world. Therefore, in the present scenario, acquiring an in-depth understanding of modern technology is crucial to building modern innovation. An MCA programme will provide the students with education and knowledge on new topics and market trends and keep them updated, skilled, and confident.

The IT industry always gives value and importance to individuals with a master's degree in computer application. A person who holds an MCA degree will be capable of performing a much higher range of tasks such as software development, database management, designing web and mobile applications, etc. Therefore, if you aspire to make a great career in the IT field, you must go for a master's in computer applications to take your career to the next step.

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