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Student Forums 

Student Forums

The School of CS and IT has launched ‘Uttunga’ Student Forum, platform facilitated by the students to build networks and facilitate research and innovation. Uttunga invites speakers from companies and organisations, engages the student community in awareness and service activities, and builds connections that complement classroom learning.

Student Forums
ACM Student Chapter

The ACM Student Chapter is an association for students to enhance the knowledge in the field of Information Technology at the Global Level. The Association is recognised internationally as it draws speakers from all over the Globe to associate with students on Knowledge Sharing Sessions, Technical Talks, Seminars, Guest Lectures, and Workshops.

The students get abreast on the latest trends in IT from the speakers of both Industry and Academia. This expands their realm in even participating in Global International Summits, Hackathons, Codeathon, International Summer and Winter Schools of high Quality.

The students improve themselves in Research through ACM Conferences, Doctoral Consortium, and many more. The forum caters to the need of current day youngsters through Webinars and also Internships in Standard Organisations. The Association is the best suited for all kinds of students.