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Roadmap & Opportunities for Undergraduate Researchers

04 July 2023

Research is a domain that is extremely challenging yet highly rewarding. However, getting started in research as an undergraduate can be overwhelming. But, we have developed a roadmap that can help you follow opportunities in this aspect.

#1: Identify the approach

The first important step is to identify the reason for doing this research. Is it because of a job opportunity or any other reason, such as credit accreditation? It would be best if you also pondered certain questions such as how many hours you can commit, semesters you can put up with, and plans for the future.

#2: Identify interests

Once you know what you are looking for, you need to narrow your research interests. For example, you may be interested in doing research in a wet lab working with chemical or biological samples or in a dry lab – working with a computer, etc. Ask yourself about the key areas of interest, such as studying living organisms or understanding complex data algorithms. You need to align your interests with your research topic accordingly.

#3: Identify a Faculty Mentor

A faculty mentor can make or break your career. Once you are sure about your line of research, you must look out for those colleges that provide good faculty members who will support and guide you on the right path. You can do this by connecting with the college's past alums and understanding each mentor's background.

#4: Make contact

It is important to complete your assignments on time and establish a good impression of yourself. You can read the publications of your faculty once you make up your mind on whom you want to connect with. Although you may not understand the entire paper, this will help you prioritise your interests.

You can also email your faculties to discuss the research and set up an appointment with them. Always do a complete background check and establish a polite and respectful conversation with them. You must stay professional and establish good relationships with them for success.

#5: Success

Success in research is not always easy. You cannot always expect success in all of your endeavours. You must keep applying for internships, and jobs, review your resume and learn strategies to help you excel in your research career.

Opportunities for Undergraduate Researchers:

Vienna Biocenter Summer School Internship

The Vienna Biocenter Summer School Internship is an exclusive research internship available to only 30 selective undergraduates that provide the opportunity to work with leading researchers in the field of natural sciences. This is a lucrative internship as it provides free accommodation for students, a stipend of 1400 euros, a culturally diverse environment, and reimbursement of travel costs.

Khorana Scholars Program

The Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt. of India, the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF), and WINStep Forward have come together for this programme that can help researchers build a career in R&D with a lucrative stipend and health insurance covered.

Mitacs Globalink Research Internship

Mitacs is a national non-profit research organization providing internships for undergraduate researchers worldwide to work in engineering and mathematics or arts and humanities. This internship provides complete access to world-class research skills and helps develop research skills.

Therefore, many more such internships can help undergraduate researcher build their career in this field. One must show dedication and put hard work to do something innovative and significant

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