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Which is better BSc or BCA in Artificial Intelligence?

24 July 2023

Which is better BSc or BCA in Artificial Intelligence?

Human beings have come a long way from primitive times with great advances in computer technology. This has accentuated the growth in several other disciplines, such as mathematics, nuclear science, finance, and artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way we see the world. This is not just restricted to technical areas, but a vast array of industries are using artificial intelligence to make their processes and systems effective.

Learning and understanding AI, how it works, and what benefits it brings to the table is the first step toward building a career in artificial intelligence. The following paragraphs explore the specifics of two main degree courses – B.Sc in Artificial Intelligence and BCA in artificial intelligence.

B.Sc in Artificial Intelligence vs. BCA in Artificial Intelligence

Suppose you are pursuing your course under B.Sc Artificial Intelligence will give you an understanding of natural intelligence with the help of computer models. This three-year undergraduate degree programme furnishes you with the knowledge of techniques and technologies required to build intelligent systems. By studying B.Sc Artificial Intelligence, you will obtain hands-on experience creating innovative systems that benefit humanity.  

BCA Artificial Intelligence is a degree programme that offers the skills and knowledge required to develop artificial intelligence programmes. Candidates are trained to design, create, develop, apply and manage computer applications with the help of programming languages, cloud computing technology, scientific database knowledge, display strategies, etc. 

Sl. No. Particulars B.Sc Artificial Intelligence BCA Artificial Intelligence
1. Duration Three years Three years
2. Average fees INR 20 Lakhs INR 5.25 Lakhs
3. Eligibility criteria 10 + 2 from recognised board; Science with Physics, Chemistry & Maths compulsory; Minimum 50% Marks 10 + 2 from recognised board; Science with Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science & Maths compulsory; Minimum 50% Marks
4. Average annual salary INR 6 Lakhs INR 8 Lakhs

Although the opportunities are vast and diverse, four of the most common occupations in AI are data scientists, robotics engineers, machine learning engineers, and computer vision engineers.

You must bear in mind that artificial intelligence is currently the talk of the town for not just software but different industries. Machine learning coupled with the knowledge of artificial intelligence can create unimaginable waves in the industry. Therefore, artificial intelligence has immense potential for growth for the coming generation.

However, suppose you compare the degrees – B.Sc Artificial Intelligence and BCA Artificial Intelligence. Although both are three years, the average fee for B.Sc Artificial Intelligence is more than for BCA Artificial Intelligence. If you also compare the salary, BCA in Artificial Intelligence provides more packages than B.Sc Artificial Intelligence. On the knowledge front, B.Sc Artificial Intelligence is more science-oriented, whereas BCA Artificial Intelligence is more knowledge oriented.

Therefore, for the above reasons, BCA Artificial Intelligence is a better option than B.Sc Artificial Intelligence. However, you are free to do your research and take a final call based on your choice and interest.

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