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BCA vs. MCA: Which is the Right Computer Science Degree for You?

05 February 2024

BCA and MCA are popular courses available and accepted across the globe in the field of Computer Applications. These industry-ready courses of Bachelor in Computer Application and Masters in Computer Application are both designed to make the prospective degree holders face the emerging 4.0 industry backed with exponential technologies. It is an undeniable fact that AI (Artificial Intelligence) has become a crucial part of our day-to-day life and the technology industry as a whole. The same reason has led to the active inclusion of AI as a leading parameter in the course curriculum. Read ahead to get a detailed understanding of BCA and MCA.


The Bachelor of Computer Application programme is designed to make the students well-versed in skills that are required to cope with the emerging principles, algorithms, tools, and applications of artificial intelligence. Through supervised and unsupervised machine learning, the curriculum aims to lay a strong foundation by giving superior hands-on touch experience in working with various tools, real-world problems, and real data sets. The course design further aims to enable the students to be industry-ready and relevant in this new age of advancements and innovative job roles.

Master in Computer Application is a more advanced and in-depth learning of computer technology and concepts. Although it is a continuation of the techniques that the student has learned in BCA, students outside the field of computers can also enrol in the course after satisfying the eligibility criteria. The course promotes an understanding of database security concepts and information security governance inclusive of legal and regulatory issues, thereby opening more windows to career options. The course also trains students to work with ethical hacking, IT threats, the fundamental functioning of cryptography, and more.

BCA vs. MCA: Course Duration and Eligibility

Bachelor in Computer Application is designed with an extensive curriculum spanning 3 years (6 semesters), whereas Master of Computer Application’s curriculum is designed for 2 years (4 semesters).

Eligibility criteria for BCA: 12 or equivalent studies completed with a percentage falling under the cut-offs as listed by the University.

Eligibility Criteria for MCA: Bachelors in BCA, any undergraduate degree or studies equivalent to the same with a percentage falling under the cut-offs as listed by the University.

BCA vs. MCA: Course Curriculum

With the advancement of the educational field, the BCA and MCA programmes have now been revised with many more industry-demanding topics. This, in turn, gives students an enhanced opportunity to choose a stream with specialisations that help them to be career-oriented from a young stage.

Specialisations available for Bachelors in Computer Application:

  1. Artificial Intelligence in collaboration with Futurense Technologies
  2. Cloud Technology and Information Security integrated with Certification in CompTIACloud Essential / CompTIA Security +
  3. Cybersecurity programme in collaboration with EC-Council
  4. Data Analytics
  5. Internet of Things integrated with Certification in IoT Fundamentals - Connecting Things from Cisco
  6. Mobile Application and Information Security integrated with Certification in CompTIA Security+ / Apple iOS Application Development with Swift
  7. Mobile Application and Cloud Technology integrated with Certification in CompTIA Cloud Essential / Apple iOS Application Development with Swift
  8. IT for Healthcare

Specialisations available for a Master’s in Computer Application are as follows:

  1. Information Security integrated with Certification in CompTIA Security+
  2. Storage and Cloud Technology integrated with Certification in CompTIA Cloud+
  3. Master of Computer Applications with Electives

BCA Vs MCA: Career Opportunities

BCA and MCA aim to equip the students with the conceptualisation of new-age techniques formulated for data protection by gathering a greater understanding of data structures, advanced computer networking, ethical hacking, and more. Hands-on learning experiences are being practised thereby giving the students exposure to industrial functions and mechanisms as a trial run before stepping into the actual industry.

Career prospects of BCA for all streams of specialisations are as follows:

  1. Software Developer: Creates computer applications and makes its user user-friendly for the enhanced experience of the customers
  2. Database Administrator: Looks after the maintenance, security, and operations of the application and the ethical usage of these data
  3. Database Programmer: Designs and constructs new programmes and modifies already existing programmes as per the client and user needs
  4. Web Developer: Creates and maintains websites and alterations as per the requirements
  5. Systems Administrator: Ensures the proper functioning and running of the systems in a company
  6. IT Professional: They are engaged with writing programmes, provide technical support, and analyse systems

Career prospects of MCA irrespective of the specialisation are as follows:

  1. Corporate Sector: MCA graduates are highly in demand to take over information security, compliance, IT&IS Audits, software development, and more
  2. Finance and Insurance Sector: For the added security and compliance, especially data security, Networking, E-commerce, and so on
  3. Defence and Police: Having a background in MCA is a requirement for the R&D sector, IT infrastructure, Investigation helper department, and so on
  4. Governance: MCA graduates are hired to take over E-Governance, Public Key Infrastructure Management, and for overlooking the scientific applications in Forensic Science Labs
  5. Legal Department: Computer Application Specialists take over the cyber department which includes ethical hacking, penetration testers, cyber fraud detectives, and more

In Short

The basic difference between BCA and MCA starts with the ranking level of the course, however, it is not compulsory to secure a master's degree to attain a good job or excel in the field. Well, let us not forget to keep in mind the fact that master's courses are always advanced educational resources and so they come with benefits that have the potential to make you climb the ladder even higher. Students outside the background of BCA are also eligible to pursue a master's programme after satisfying the university criteria. BCA and MCA are both career-fostering courses with in-depth learning and practical exposure. The first step to understanding what course suits you the best is to define what you want to achieve and draft out your career goals in a comprehensive manner.

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