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What is the eligibility & scope for BCA Artificial Intelligence - Why should I Choose?

17 July 2023

BCA in Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence is a three-year degree programme that offers the skills and knowledge required to develop artificial intelligence programmes. Artificial intelligence or AI refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines so that they can think and perform like humans, such as performing any tasks, learning, perceiving, and problem-solving. These days, AI has consumed a major portion of our lifestyle – starting from Google Assistant to Siri in iOS to virtual assistants in Amazon, Facebook, MakeMyTrip, etc.


The interested applicants must have passed classes 10+2 (any stream) from a recognized board/school with a minimum aggregate of 50% marks or any other equivalent examination from a recognised board/school or any other vocational course/diploma related to the field of Computer Science.

Scope for BCA Artificial Intelligence:

As a new and emerging field of study, the BCA Artificial Intelligence (AI) programme caters to the increasing demand for skilled AI programmers in recent years. Machine learning is slowly taking over the world, and it's expected to quadruple in the coming days.

Therefore, if you are pursuing BCA in Artificial Intelligence from Bangalore, you can apply today at Jain Group of Institutes and find brilliant job opportunities post the program completion in the country's and world's top MNCs. You will be hired in top positions and be highly paid by the companies. If you are interested in what holds the future in this field of study, stay with us till the end.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer:

The AI intelligence engineer builds AI models from scratch and is responsible for data ingestion and data transformation infrastructure. These engineers automate infrastructure utilised by the data science team.

Machine Learning Engineer:

A Machine Learning Engineer is responsible for training and stopping ML systems through different frameworks. They must perform machine learning test experiments and fix the bugs that come along their way during testing.

Data Scientist:

Data scientists are also known as data analysts. They monitor and evaluate business data to create intelligence. To find predictive insights influencing business decisions, data scientists find and analyse data from different sources, such as customer transactions, global satellite plots, and click streams.

Data Engineers:

Data engineers build systems that help an organisation improve and optimise their performance by making data accessible to them. They do this by collecting, managing, and converting raw data into usable and interpretable information for data scientists and business analysts. The data engineers use artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to create algorithms to provide easier access to raw data to the technical team.

Why should you choose this programme?

BCA in Artificial Intelligence offers students the skills and knowledge needed to create artificial intelligence programmes. So, what are the benefits of choosing this course? Why should you opt for it?

A vast pool of opportunities

You will be exposed to many opportunities if you have innovative skills combined with the scientific knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning. These can range from being a data scientist, machine learning engineer, robotics engineer, and blockchain developer.

Lucrative salary package

If you aspire to a high-paying job, BCA in artificial intelligence is what you need! After mastering the programming and machine learning skills, you can land your desired job.

Widespread Network

Since artificial intelligence is slowly taking over the world, multiple industries depend on its technology to derive data, such as banking, healthcare, textile, transportation, etc. This will help you build a good chain of networks and bring new inventions and innovations to the world.

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