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How Corporate Internships can Benefit Career Development

11 July 2023

An internship is a hired introductory position available only for a specified period. These internships are an important part of undergraduate or postgraduation curricula and can be paid or unpaid. 

The main motto of this is to impart industrial experience to undergraduates or postgraduates. This is highly recommended, as theoretical knowledge is not always enough. Practical exposure through internships helps you to understand the industry better and introduces you to employment prospects.

Why is an Internship needed for Career Development?

As you complete your study at top universities such as Jain (Deemed-to-be University) in Bangalore, you will begin your career path. You will learn new lessons and be familiar with industry trends. Today, we shall discuss how a corporate internship can benefit your career development.

Job experience

When you apply for a job, recruiters often look for requirements such as education/qualification and minimum job experience. However, as a fresher, you will certainly not have any prior job experience to fill the void in the experience column. That's where internships come in handy! You can thus build your resume impressive with the internship experience and gain your employer's attention. The references you build during your internship tenure also help you grab the opportunity much faster!

Build Professional networks

Networking is the act of exchange of information between two or more people. During internships, you come across several people, such as mentors, industry experts, and professionals from different backgrounds and disciplines, who can influence your thinking and shape your career in the right direction. Having a good network of people from the professional background also provides future job opportunities and become a stepping stone for your future.

Identify Your SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, And Threat)

Internships are the best way to understand one's abilities and limitations. It also helps individuals understand the type of tasks and domain they are comfortable working in. It helps you to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threat around you. This will help you further to streamline your interests in the correct direction that can fit well with your expertise and inhibitions.

Boosts Confidence

Transitioning from college to full-time employment is a journey full of excitement, aspirations, hope, anxiety, and expectations. Sometimes, you may lose your self-confidence or succumb to self-doubt. An internship helps you bridge this gap and eliminate some pressure of quickly finding a permanent job by providing you with the skills and knowledge required to fill a position.  

Internships provide a practical outlook on how a company develops leaders, which forms a basis for your inspiration. You can observe and learn time management skills, team building, problem-solving, and other managerial skills. All of this adds value, erases self-doubt, and boosts your personality with confidence that you, too, can make it!

Enhance your Technical Skills

Working as an intern will expose you to a wide range of technical and business knowledge. When you get familiar with how the industry works, it increases your chances of employment. You will not be restricted to bookish knowledge and will explore the industry's technical know-how. Internships allow you to work collaboratively with a team, thus building teamwork skills and ensuring that you are equipped with appropriate technical skills to fit well in the market scenario.

Beat the Competition

Currently, there is a lot of competition in the job market competition. Therefore, you need to stand out from the crowd to get the same job others to aim for. A degree is needed, but what polishes is experience and skills, and that can come from an internship. It reflects your skills as a team player and skillful person who is the right fit for the job.

In summary, internships can show how a company gives birth to new leaders. You learn the art of time management and develop other soft skills needed to survive in your career.

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